4 Useful Smartphones Tips and Tricks

Nowadays everyone uses smartphones in their daily life and it has almost become a part of our daily life. Many smartphone users use Android devices and you will see this in every company smartphones like Samsung, one plus, oppo, Vivo. But many of the android users didn’t know about the android smartphone tricks, which are very useful for you. If you also are an android user then you must know about these android smartphones tips and tricks. 

Google Account Sync

Google Account Sync is the most important and most useful feature on the android device that you must know about it. You will easily use this feature in any android device. If you use this feature just go to the Setting of your phone then simply tap on Accounts and then after Google. You will find many options there like Apps, Contacts, Gmail. But many of the users ignore this feature by thinking that this is an unuseful feature but in reality, this is a very useful feature. From this feature, you will sync all of your google features such as Drive, Email, or any of the contacts that you save on your phone. Example: like if you have to sync or save your contacts number directly on Gmail then you will simply tap on export and sync it on Gmail, from this, assume that you will lose all of your contacts numbers by mistake then you will easily bring back all of your contacts easily on your Gmail.

Block Notification

Many of the users may have faced or are facing this problem. That you will see if you have installed various types of apps you will see ads notification or simple notification thereof those apps that are not useful for you but you will see notification of those apps from which you irritate, from this, you will think how to block this unuseful notification from those apps. You will find a sudden option of this from which you will block notification of apps that you thought that they are unuseful for you. If you also use this feature go to the settings of your face then you will easily find the notification option there, simply tap on them, then you will block any of the notifications from the specific apps. 

Test Mode

So the other most important or useful trick is Test Mode. From this feature you will check your phone performance that your phone is working well such as your display, sensor, or vibration is working well, your speaker or touch is working well. If you have to see that your phone performance is good, or that there are any problem with your phone, then there is a secret code for this Test Mode feature, for this simply go to your phone’s dial and type the code, the code is (*#0*#). As you press the last ‘#’ the test mode feature appears. You will find many options there to test your phone’s performance like touch, sensor, selfie or etc. This feature is very useful for those people who have to buy a second-hand smartphone and they have to see the phone performance is working well instantly. That trick is not working on some devices but this trick is definitely working on all Samsung smartphone devices. 

Block Outgoing Calls

This is another very best android feature that will be useful for you. Sometimes we need to block our phone outgoing calls that nobody will call from our phone like when family members, relatives, or their children ask to use your phone and they call anyone from your phone. This feature is basically hiding your “Show my caller ID” so that no call was replaced. So if you need to block your phone outgoing calls for a limited time then, you have to go to your phone’s dial and type (*#31#) to block your phone’s outgoing calls and after you, if you have to deactivate this feature or you need that you have to unblock the outgoing calls you have to type (#31#) on your phone’s dial, after this, you can call anyone from your phone.   

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