5 Useful Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and everyone has used the WhatsApp application on their smartphones. But do we really use the WhatsApp potentially on our smartphones? Do you know about the WhatsApp tricks that make your usage of WhatsApp a little bit easier? I have mentioned some of the WhatsApp tips and tricks that you can use to use your WhatsApp application potentially and in an easier way.

Whatsapp Broadcast

Some of the people ignore the broadcast feature of WhatsApp by thinking it is unuseful, but this is a very cool feature. You can send messages like a group chat without making a group in the broadcast feature. If you have to use the broadcast feature just go to WhatsApp on your phone and click on 3 dots in the upper right corner then click on the New Broadcast. After this, select the contacts from which you have to send the message. The message you will send will be delivered to the receivers you have been selected on the broadcast. The answers by the receivers will be visible only by you, not the other selected contacts. This feature is better than that you have to send the message to one person and forward it to the other person.

Getting Know That You Are Blocked

You will get to know that you are blocked by someone on WhatsApp. If you have to know who will block you on WhatsApp. Here you will not see the last seen or the online status on their contacts and you will also not see the avatar (Profile or DP) of that person who has blocked you. Also if you send him/her a message, the message is only sent (only one checkmark) not the delivered (two checkmarks) or seen (two blue checkmarks) and if you create a group chat, you will not be able to add that person to the group chat and any call you attempt to place will not go through. These are some things from which you will know that you have been blocked by anyone else. However, it is not necessary that you are blocked by the person, the person will also have to change his visibility settings.

Save Storage

The WhatsApp is the very best chatting app and it will store all of your chat, photos, videos, and other of your data. But sometimes the WhatsApp will eat your smartphone memory storage by downloading the photos, videos, and other data sent by your chats automatically. And from this, your phone storage is getting full by auto-downloading the photos, videos. But you may also block this auto-downloading feature of WhatsApp and save your net data and storage. You have to just go to the Whatsapp and click on 3 dots in the upper right corner and then go to settings. After this, you will easily find the Data Usage (on android) or Data and Storage Usage and then media (on iOS). After this, you have to unselect all the options like photos, videos, audio, and documents or it is your choice what you may have to select to auto-download.

Starred Messages

There are too many people on your WhatsApp contact list that may send you very important messages or the documents. But sometimes you will find it difficult to find that important message or document. Whatsapp will give a solution to this too. Some people may ignore this feature but this a very useful feature for the business person that has only received the important message. For having to use this feature just go to your WhatsApp and select the message or documents that you thought this is the important one, after you select the message then you will find the star sign on the header bar at the top, click on that star and your message will be starred. You will easily find your starred message by a tap on 3 dots and then tap on starred message. You will write all of your messages that you starred in.

Bubble Messages

It is quite a cool trick, that if you have received any WhatsApp message then you will get notified on your phone screen in the form of a type of a bubble message in the corner of your phone screen without going into the WhatsApp. For this cool trick, you may have to install and use the third party application on your phone. You have just gone to the play store and downloaded the application “WhatsBubble” on your phone and then synchronized it with your WhatsApp. After this turn on notification mode on the “WhatsBubble” app. After this, catch the nice bubble message on your phone’s screen. 

So, hope you guys you loved this WhatsApp tips and tricks. I hope that these tips and tricks of WhatsApp will be useful for you. 

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