How to Increase Height

Does your height is smaller and your friends tease you because of your height is smaller and you think that my friend’s height is taller compared to yourself. You can increase your height too. Scientists said that your height should stop growing at the age of 18 but your muscles may continue to develop. That’s why if you make the right decision as a teenager, you can grow your height. Your height depends on your genetics, meaning, if your parent’s height is smaller, then your height is also smaller but not be afraid if you take the right precautions you can increase your height. 

There are some precautions you can take that can help you to grow your height such as diet and some activity levels. 

Take Proper Nutrition 

All you need to grow your height is proper nutrition. You should add some nutritious food to your diet. A nutritious or healthy diet is rich in vegetables, proteins, food carbohydrates, calcium. Lean meat, milk, fruits, green vegetables, and nuts are always in your diet. Try to maintain your diet schedule. You should eat three times a day as breakfast, lunch, and dinner and sometimes as a snack. A healthy diet should be rich in calcium, which helps your bones to get proper nutrition and some Vitamins especially Vitamin D.


Walking or jogging is very essential for your health. It strengthens your shoulders and hands arms which leads to a strong stomach. Walking helps your stomach to be strong and which helps you in your digestion to digest all nutritious food properly. After taking a meal, walk for 10 to 20 minutes to digest all food properly. 


Doing exercise helps you to grow taller. You should do exercise for a minimum of 1 hour a day. You can go to the gym for exercise because going to the gym will get you access to a lot of better exercise and many muscles building equipment. You should also join a sports team, it is also a better choice to do exercise in a fun way by playing your favorite sports, you can play football, cricket, handball, or anything else you like to play.


Sleeping is also very necessary for your health. For a teenager between 14 to 18 years old needs a complete 8 hours of sleep to completely relax for your body. When you are sleeping your spinal cord will also rest and help you to increase your height. While you sleep your body releases HGH (Human Growth Hormones) which helps to influence your height. This will also help in building bones as well as building muscles in your body.


Hanging or stretching your body makes you slightly taller. Hanging or stretching the body comprises your spine again. Doing stretching types of exercise. Some of them I mention below.

  • Side stretch

This stretching exercise to increase height especially stretching your intercostal muscles. This exercise will make your muscles grow and stay strong and increase your height.

  • Cycling

Doing cycling every day for 15 to 30 minutes in a day is very beneficial to your health and for your muscles. When you are cycling your legs are stretching and which is growing your muscles and height.

  • Jumping 

Jumping is a very fun way to exercise. You have to leave the surface and touch the surface at the same time when you are jumping. The more you jump with the help of your toes will more likely succeed in increasing height. You can jump with a skipping rope or trampoline jumping, both of these help you to grow height.

How to look taller

Here are some dressing or physical tips you can try to look taller. It can help you to exaggerate your height.

  • Have a good posture

Whenever you stand or sit, always stand or sit straight, instead of hunching your back. Spread your shoulder slightly to the back which looks to be taller. Good posture always helps you to look smart and taller.

  • Wear fitted clothes

Avoid wearing baggy types of clothes and start wearing fitted shirts. Ask your tailor to make clothes that fit your body. Avoid wearing crewnecks type clothes and wear V-neck type shirts or t-shirts. 

  • Wear vertical stripes clothes

Wearing vertical stripes types of shirts instead of horizontal stripes types of shirts. Which makes you look taller in vertically striped shirts. 

  • Dark coloured clothes

Dark-colored clothes make you look slimmer and taller. This is suitable for all types because they hide your shadow and small type of details. From dark-colored clothes, my meaning is not to always wear black, wear brown, charcoal gray, dark blue, etc. Always wearing black shrinks you down and makes you look smaller. Wear matte types of clothes and avoid shining fabrics.

So I hope that if you are trying these tips, you will succeed in increasing your height. If you grow your height while in teenage you will not be anxious in the future about your height. 

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