How To Make Money Through Youtube

If you want to make money through youtube then you are in the right place. First we sure that youtube does not pay anything on your subscribers base. Subscribers are people who follow you and like your videos that they can easily access on your channel and see your videos through notification or show your video on their youtube homepage. Nowadays youtube is the biggest platform for people who want to show their talent and get famous for their talent. But you have some passion if you are shown your talent on youtube, show your talent unless you get famous because there is a time when people know about you and your talent. You can also make money on youtube by your talent. Here I mention some ways to earn money through youtube.


To become a YouTuber you have a talent for which people know about you. Find your talent, what you are best in if you are best in dancing open any dance channel on youtube if you are a good singer open a singing channel. But you have a talent that has never been on someone because people love to watch new things. You can also upload videos, about ‘how-to videos’ any software information or etc if you are interested in such types of things because most people come to your channel by searching your content.


To earn money through Youtube, you have to monetize your channel through Google Adsense, because without monetizing from Adsense you will not get any money as Youtube does not pay you for anything such as likes, subscribers, comments, and shares. To monetize your channel through Google Adsense you may have some around 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time in the past 12 months. Adsense pays you for the Ads that are shown in the video Remember that you make content for your youtube channel that follows the youtube and Adsense guidelines otherwise your channel will be disabled from youtube or to be demonetized from Adsense. First, your channel is disabled from Adsense you may not monetize it again. But you can reapply for the monetization by delete or edit your video that goes against his guidelines or communicate your audience for your help.


As your youtube channel has crossed over 1,000 subscribers, you may ask brands to do a partnership with you. The brands may pay you to advertise his products on your youtube channel. But for sponsorship, you may have some relevant audience. Sponsorship will depend on your audience, assuming you have 1,000 subscribers, the brands that have opened a new company will contact you for a little advertising. Sponsors promote his products for some unique or relevant content that people love to watch. The more your subscribers you may contact with the big brands, assuming you have subscribers or audience in millions the big brands will contact you. Your sponsors will pay you around 5000$ for advertising his products on different 5 videos. The sponsors will only pay you if your work is satisfactory and done on the time. You may not argue or bargaining with the sponsors or even if the creators do not agree that they are not paid in advance.

Affiliate Marketing

The other best source to earn money through youtube is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a deal with the company and creator. Youtube Marketing is a process of making youtube videos and providing affiliate links in your youtube channel description box. As anyone clicks this link you make money on this and anyone purchasing this product you made a commission on this. You will do affiliate marketing from big companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal, etc. If you provide his unique affiliate link on your channel and anyone buys his products you make money. 


As you have crossed over 10,000 subscribers on your channel, you may have launched your official merchandise. As people buy your products from your merchandise website and you make money from this. This is also a very good way to earn money through youtube because as you get famous people love to buy your merchandise and you will get money from this.

So hope you guys like it, I hope you’ll get success in your field and you make money through youtube with these tips. If you have any questions you may ask me in the comment section.

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